Meet Chris.

Chris Puglisi, PMI-ACP, CSM is a productivity consultant for Fortune 100 companies.

Chris coaches companies & teams using practical, people-focused techniques. His approach is based on Agile principles & delivery frameworks, helping organizations reach true business agility by fostering a learning culture, a growth mindset and servant leadership while optimizing teams to reach higher levels of process maturity.

Chris's 15 years of leadership and project management experience led him to a role with Johnson & Johnson, where he re-framed his career and started supporting teams in a coaching capacity as Agile was becoming more popular.

Chris started his professional management journey early on, building and managing teams for startups and mid sized companies, including a tech startup where he built a team of over 100 people and helped raise over $90 million in venture capital.

SInce then, he's worked with small and large companies including Dex YP, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 21'st Century Fox and the Walt Disney Company as a highly paid productivity consultant.

It wasn't too much later that Chris recognized the same ways of thinking & working that he was coaching and practicing professionally could be distilled & adapted to every type of business of - any size.

His first book, Getting to Done, serves as a practical introduction and guide for anyone who wants a better way of thinking about, planning and working to accomplish anything they want. Getting To Done is available on Amazon and has been used as recommended reading for existing and new employees at Fortune 100 companies.

Now he wants to make this same approach available to everyone, anywhere in an easy to "learn and use" package that packs over 15 years of professional management experience using the latest and greatest methods and techniques to help anyone who wants to learn.xt in this area

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