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Mission & Purpose

Hi, my name is Chris Puglisi, and I’m grateful that our paths have crossed. My mission and my purpose is to empower those who want to design, or maybe redesign the life they truly want. To get better every day and love the life they live.

Through my blog, podcasts, books and coaching, I share my successes and failures with you as an entrepreneur, author, military man, corporate guy, husband, father and son. Always unfiltered and always actionable.

I believe my journey so far, the good and the bad, has provided me with insights and experiences that can help weaponize you with the knowledge and tools you need to help design the life you truly want to live. 

I'm a firm believer in starting today. Starting where you are - even before you're ready. I'm not a fan of excuses.  I see everything through a lens that shows a life of what can be; what I envision my life to be and how I want to live it.  I believe everyone, no matter what circumstances and variables they face now or in the past, has the power to accomplish anything they want.

My hope is that through my stories, experiences and learnings I can add value to your life in some meaningful way. 






For the past ten years, I’ve been working with Fortune 100 & Startup companies as an Agile Coach. I help people, teams, and organizations transform the way they get things done, and coach them so they have the tools and mindset they need to plan better, change direction quickly, increase productivity, and build better products that more people want.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and remember standing next to my dad after dinner, football in hand, tugging at him to go outside and play catch while he was on the phone making sales calls. He did this until 10 p.m. every night. We didn’t play too often, not nearly enough, but he did turn five hundred dollars in to millions; and when the government shut down his contracts, he started a new business and did it all over again.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since my twenties. It’s who I am. I’ve been a part of core startup teams and have started my own businesses time and time again, including the world’s first mobile digital prescription pad for doctors.  I’ve raised over US$90 million from investors and helped to grow a company from four employees to four hundred in a matter of months. I’ve started a social-media marketing agency, a web-design company, a gaming company, and a technology startup incubator along with a ton of other ideas, including mobile apps and countless eCommerce websites. Some of these ideas I got to market, others I worked on for a few weeks or months until another idea came up and I stopped everything and started working on that instead. The fundamental problem I faced was not being able to balance all of this out. I didn’t focus on the things that were most important and see them through. I made a little progress on a lot of things, but I didn’t make enough progress on the right things. I jumped around, usually aimlessly. I was a serial entrepreneur, but I definitely wasn’t a serial finisher.

That all changed when I decided to make some fundamental, core decisions about who I wanted to be.  What type of life did I want to design for myself, and now my family.  I found a path, both a mindset and a toolkit that worked for me.  I had to literally change the way I viewed my life, and the way I viewed how I lived it.  I had to reinvent myself at the core so I could position myself to make the changes necessary to construct the life design I had always envisioned.  This came from lots of reading, training, coaching and feedback.  I took stock of my life, put the work in to fundamentally change how I approached everything, and then put the work in.

Over the past few years, it occurred to me that the same principles, processes and techniques that I was teaching people in a professional setting could be applied to every aspect of their lives.  So I went on a mission to distill these concepts and adapt them to fit the needs of everyone, personally and professionally, to help them accomplish anything that is important to them.  To help them design the life they want.






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